Hi everyone!

When I was little, my mother used to say:

"Study well, Maya, or you'll be like me - breaking your back all your life."

She used to earn money by picking vegetables and worked hard on the farm.

But the office job is no easier than one in the field with a hoe. When you're young, you can easily spend 8-12 hours at the computer. But gradually the hours add up to days, and the days to years… And now, closer to 40, my neck began to go numb from sedentary work, I got chronic pain in my lower back.

I just used to take painkillers and diclofenac on my sore spots and went to work. And then the pills the ointment stopped working.

I went to the clinic - the doctor made the "fibromyalgia" diagnosis, found several hernias and protrusions and sent me to get a therapeutic massage: 3-4 courses of 10-15 sessions a year. The procedure was expensive even for my salary. I took 2 courses, and then I ran out of savings.

I asked my son to help me financially. But he said: “Mom, stop goofing around! Here's a warming gel for you - you'll feel refreshed in two weeks!” - and he handed me a small tube.

My son said that his back pain was gone in a month with this gel. He is a programmer - he suffered from back and joint problems too. And now he's carrying my grandson in his arms all around!

When I got home, I read the instructions. All I had to do was apply the gel to the affected areas in the morning and evening, leaving it until it was completely absorbed. It was allowed to do simple exercises, having previously applied the gel to the problem areas.

The gel is applied to the skin with light massage movements. It is quickly absorbed, not leave marks on clothes and bedsheets.

According to the instructions, the healing effect is achieved due to a balanced and carefully selected composition. The main active ingredients of the gel are essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger extract and eucalyptus leaves. The formula has warming, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and restoring effects. With regular use of the gel, the natural regeneration of damaged tissues is started, and the risk of injury, including during exercises, is reduced. The eucalyptol in the gel provides a pleasant warming effect, increases blood circulation, improves mobility and innervation of tissues. In terms of effectiveness, the gel is incomparable to any known pharmacy remedy, which contains synthetic substances. This is a 100% organic product that has no contraindications or side effects.

My problem is localized – I have periodical pain in the lower back and neck. That’s why I apply the gel to these areas every evening or during exacerbation. I noticed the effect immediately. After the first use, a pleasant warmth spread through my body, and the pain was gone in a matter of minutes. Feelings after the procedure: It's like I'm not sitting at the computer in the office, but lying on a soft feather bed all day long. Such a light feeling in my whole body! This is definitely better than a painful and expensive massage or burning ointments from the pharmacy!

The next evening, my neck started aching in the middle of a working day. Knowing that this could happen, I carried a tube of the gel in my bag. Right in the office, I applied the gel to my neck, and 5 minutes later I forgot about the unpleasant feelings. I can go without painkillers all day and all night after such a localized effect. And the pain doesn’t bother me during sleep, although before I couldn’t sleep without a special pillow under my lower back.

A week later, my back and neck stopped hurting at all. For the first time in the last 5 years! Very happy, I called my son with thanks. And he advised me to always keep a tube of the gel on hand, you never know. After all, it helps with injuries and sprains. And in general, those who work sitting for a long time should always have this gel.

I ordered the gel here . It’s called Motion Energy. The price is very pleasant at a 50% discount - about the same as 1 massage session with a chiropractor. And given that the gel is versatile and has a cumulative effect, the benefit is obvious.

Now I have a great remedy for back and muscle pain at home. Every night before going to bed, I apply the gel to my lower back and neck, and a couple of minutes later I enjoy a pleasant and light warmth. My spine is happy, my neck muscles are relaxed and no longer hurt, even if I work late at the office.

And recently, my youngest daughter injured her knee during training. I gave her the gel and told her how to use it. Two days later, she already forgot about the injury, however, she tried not to load her leg too much yet. It turns out that this gel is used even by professional athletes for training, warming up the muscles, reducing the risk of injuries and recovering from them.

So, if you also have back or neck pain after work, I recommend using Motion Energy . The muscles and spine become perfectly relaxed, and the aching feeling pass away, and due to the warming effect, blood circulation and mobility improve. This means that the ancient methods of localized warming effect really work! I give this brilliant invention 5 stars out of 5.

By the way, the special offer for Motion Energy is still valid. So, you better hurry - health is better than wealth!

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